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    J58 series Electric screw press FP/MP series hot forging press J55 series clutch type screw press DD series direct drive electric screw press EPC series electric screw press J53/J54 series double disc friction press

    J58 series Electric screw press

    Product introduction

         Electric screw press

         Electric screw press has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, short transmission chain, convenient operation, safe operation, maintenance workload is small, the electric screw press blow energy can be accurately set, strike force display, can be adjusted according to the energy, forming precision strike force, to reduce the mold mechanical stress and thermal contact time prolonged die life. The press has the advantages of good rigidity, high guiding accuracy of the slide block, strong anti deviation capacity, and can be used for multi station die forging. It is a new type of energy saving and environmental protection press.


    Main technical parameters of electric screw press

    Model Nominal pressure
    Part energy of motion
    Maximum travel of slider
    Minimum die height
    Effective area of slider
    Effective area of worktable
    J58-400 4000 40 420 24 800×650 800×670
    J58-630 6300 56 535 21 900×680 900×800
    J58-630A 6300 80 535 21 900×680 900×800
    J58-1000 10000 112 560 16 1030×800 1000×900
    J58-1000A 10000 160 560 16 1030×800 1000×900
    J58-1600 16000 180 650 12 1250×930 1250×1090
    J58-2500 25000 500 700 14 1450×1400 1250×1400
    J58-4000 40000 800 700 9 2200×1330 2200×1600

    Characteristics of electric screw press

    1, accurate energy control, high number of trips. The forging die is mainly used for hot forging, and the precision pressing type is mainly used for the cold forging, fine pressing, correction, bending and coining of the forgings, such as tableware, knives, scissors, tongs, etc.. It can be widely used in trains, cars, tractors, ships, aviation, hardware tools, medical equipment, tableware and other industries.
    2. The structure is simple and compact, the transmission chain is short, the operation and maintenance is convenient, the maintenance workload is very small, the labor and maintenance costs are saved, and the operation is safe.
    3, according to the forging process, adjust the strike force and strike energy, forging forming precision is high, mold stress is small, mold long service life.
    4, the use of advanced motor drive electrical control technology, press work, will not impact on the power grid and affect the normal operation of other equipment
    5, compared with the hydraulic screw press, no complex hydraulic drive equipment, there is no leakage of hydraulic oil pollution environment and hydraulic problems.
    6, compared with the friction screw press, there is no friction disc, horizontal axis and other intermediate transmission device and friction belt vulnerable parts, less parts, high reliability, good accuracy.
    7, no fixed lower dead center, do not need to adjust the mold height, will not produce stuffy car phenomenon.