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  • Qingdao runtrust Yiyou Forging Machinery Co. Ltd. 英文版 中文版
    潤昌益友二維碼 電話:17685785956
    J58 series Electric screw press FP/MP series hot forging press J55 series clutch type screw press DD series direct drive electric screw press EPC series electric screw press J53/J54 series double disc friction press

    Companies focus on technology research and development, there is a professional press research and development of technical team.                Continuous technical innovation and improvement of press, strict processing and inspection in accordance with the process, strictly control the quality of products.

    The company insists on the principle of "Wumart first", "cheap price, second quality", and ensure the quality of products from the source. Proximity switch, PLC,                touch screen, foot switch and other parts are imported international famous brand products.

    The company has a large CNC machining center, CNC boring machine and other precision machining tools.

    In the process of equipment installation and commissioning, Party A provides free technical training to Party B operators and maintenance personnel.                Instruct Party B personnel to debug and operate. Two year warranty for equipment in the industry.